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Thermologic Insulated Curtains will help to lower your heating bill

Posted by Fred Jellinek on

Having five children (including two in college at the same time) is expensive. Feeding, clothing, educating and simply living life within your means is a real challenge nowadays. Saving money anywhere and everywhere is a top priority but more importantly, we all must figure out ways not to waste hard earned money. 

A great place to start saving money is by lowering your energy bills, and since winter is just around the corner...we suggest buying Weathermate Insulated Thermal Curtains for your windows. If you are lucky enough to live in a warm weather area of the country, consider these insulated curtains to help reduce your electric bills to air condition your home. 

Even if you don't feel a draft, windows; especially in older homes, inherently get drafty. Truth be told, if you feel enough of a breeze to say, blow out a candle, then the cold hard truth (no pun intended) is that you should replace the window itself.

But if that simply is not an option, then the Weathermate Thermologic Insulated Curtains from Commonwealth are the next best thing. Available in Tab Top curtain Panels or Grommet Top Curtain Panels, these insulated curtains will minimize drafts and keep out the summer heat & winter cold maintaining a more constant room temperature to reduces heating costs.

In addition, the Thermologic technology will help you get a more restful sleep as the room darkening property acts as a sound barrier which is perfect for the baby nursery. My youngest is ten years old so we finally don't have to deal with that but it is great for my teenagers who sleep past noon (which drives my wife crazy) Room darkening curtains are also a must for shift workers who work at night and sleep during the day.

And the benefits don't stop there folks! The Weathermate insulated curtains reduce the glare on TV and computer screens, protect carpet and furniture from fading and are perfect for for condo requirements (some condos insist that all curtains have a white backing so that the front of the building looks neat and clean and not like a paint factory exploded)

The Weathermate Insulated Curtains are machine washable thermal with suede lining for insulating purposes and have a texture similar to sailcloth.

Choose from 11 high fashion colors and many lengths including 63", 72" 84" and 95" long has these energy saving curtains on sale today!

Check out the video to see them in action

Thanks and be well,