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Before you purchase a new mattress, think about your sheets and bedspread...will they fit?

Posted by Fred Jellinek on

Today's mattresses are much thicker than they used to be. Have you noticed that the top selling feature of a mattress has become how thick it is instead of how soft it is?

I for one am exhausted at the end of the day so I can sleep on a paper towel on the kitchen floor. Of course most people do prefer to sleep on an actual mattress; but does it really have to be 20" deep. C'mon man, we shouldn't need a step stool just to be able to "climb" into bed.

If you ask me, the thicker mattress syndrome is nothing more than a marketing gimmick created by the mattress industry to boost sales. Just because a mattress is thicker, doesn't mean that it is better or that you will get a more restful sleep.

Moreover, you need to consider the fact that your favorite set of cozy, soft sheets that you have had for years will not fit the new mattress! And what about the comforter or bedspread? 

The main issue is that the mattress industry decided to change the size of the mattress (from 8" to 12" to 20") but didn't bother to discuss it with the linens industry first. The manufacturers of sheets and bedding have been reluctant to adjust the size of their products assuming that the mattress industry was just going through some sort of "mid-life crisis" and that they would go back to making the mattresses as they had in the past.

Well truth be told, the mattress industry is not backing down so the linen industry has and now you can find extra deep pocket fitted sheets with over-sized flat sheets. As for the comforters, they too are being made in over-sized widths and lengths.

Bedspreads are bit trickier as they are designed to go down to the floor. You may want to consider getting a king size bedspread to accommodate your queen size bed. (Tip: make sure to check out the ACTUAL dimensions of the bedspread and not just the name of the size. Sometimes you may need just an extra few inches and the next size up may be way TOO big)

Once you have spent thousands of dollars on the new mattress, plus add in the price of a small ladder, you most likely won't have much left over to buy new sheets and a new bedspread.

Luckily, Linens4Less offers extra deep sheets at affordable prices as well as plenty of bedspreads and comforters that will fit.

Sleep well and carry on.